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## **GIIS Thailand, Bangkok** The serene Chao Praya River is a perfect backdrop for GIIS Bangkok to impart sound value-based education and not glamour-based education. Increased awareness of the Indian Education System in the global market is attracting people from all nationalities. GIIS is the only school in Thailand that provides the Central Board Secondary Education (CBSE) Curriculum. It is an important landmark in the academic skyline of this enchanting metropolis. Emphasis is given to individual development while promoting social interaction and co-operation. The strength of our school lies in developing the Head, the Hand, and the Heart of our students. Source: [http://www.gisschool.org/about-us/](http://www.gisschool.org/about-us/) # **Global Montessori Plus** Global Montessori Kindergarten has classes for Nursery, Kindergarten 1-3. Students will be fully exposed to a well-tested Cross-Curricular, Montessori, and Thematic Curriculum. A typical Montessori pre-schooler will learn English, Basic Numerals, Environmental Studies, Hindi and Thai as a second language, Art and Craft, Physical and Health Education which are taught using the Montessori method. This well-balanced curriculum will thus include: * Practical Life Exercise * Sensorial Exercise * Montessori Language and Phonics * Montessori Mathematics * Montessori Culture Source: [http://www.gisschool.org/global-montessori-plus/](http://www.gisschool.org/global-montessori-plus/) ## General Information: * **founded:** 2009 --- ### Language(s): * **spoken:** Thai, English --- ### Online: * **MontessoriX Meet: GIIS** * **Website:** [http://www.gisschool.org/](http://www.gisschool.org/) * **Facebook:** [https://www.facebook.com/Global-Indian-International-School-Thailand-174350012634673/](https://www.facebook.com/Global-Indian-International-School-Thailand-174350012634673/) * **Phone: [+](https://tel:+6629773739)**[66 2 977 3739](https://tel:+6629773739) * Mobile English: [+66 81 840 0087](https://tel:+66818400087) * Mobile Thai: [+66 81 875 8073](https://tel:+66818758073) * **Email:** [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]) --- ### Address: [>> Map](https://goo.gl/maps/qnosZrw4vCar18v66) * 39/39 หมู่21 ซอยวัดชินวราราม ถนนปทุมธานีสายใน ตำบลบางขะแยง อำเภอเมือง Pathum Thani 12000 * 39/39 Moo 21 Soi Wat Chinwararam Pathum Thani Sai Nai Road, Bang Khayang Subdistrict, Mueang District, Pathum Thani 12000 * XG9G+RX Bang Khayaeng, Mueang Pathum Thani District, Pathum Thani --- ### Contact: * --- ### Curriculum: * **Montessori** * Central Board Secondary Education (CBSE) Curriculum --- ### Legal Registrations and Affiliations: * MOE School Registration No: 009/2549 * CBSE Affiliation No.: 7730001 ### AMI certified or approved Teachers: * ### other Montessori Certified Teachers, i.e. AMSusa, MMI, … * --- ### More:


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